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Product validation

SABEU plans and implements validation protocols in consultation with the customers. First sample reports (PPA report – Production Process and Product Approval Report) as set forth in VDA [German Association of the Automotive Industry] Volume 2, Chapter 4 are compiled in order to assess the development states during the development process of the items.

The scope of all validation procedures is described in the validation schedules and can be specifically adjusted and prepared as needed to meet the customer’s needs.

Test methods:

  • First sample test reports
  • Release tests
  • Statistical process tests
  • Multi-layer process analyses

Test methods:

  • Dimensional accuracy tests
  • Optical and tactile measurements with CNC measuring machine
  • Surface laser scan with CNC measuring machine
  • Tension/pressure tests
  • Performance tests
  • Receiving inspections (water intrusion pressure)
  • Airflow tests (air mass flow)
  • Bursting pressure tests
  • Leak tests
  • Drop test (in accordance with ADR)
  • Differential pressure tests

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